Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital

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Clinical Photos

Pictures taken from hospital cases.

Sarcoptic Mite

This mite is the cause of Scabies.

Tympanic Membrane

Tympanic membrane or as it more commonly called the ear drum.

Ear Canal

This is a normal ear canal.


Chyletiella is a surface mite that causes skin disease in dogs and cats.


Demodex mite the cause of Demodectic Mange.

Bacterial Otitis

Cytology from a bacterial ear infection.

Yeast and Bacteria

Yeast and bacteria found in the ear canal of a dog.


Retina from a canine patient.


Eosinophilic Exudate

Intestinal Parasite

Parasite ova found on a fecal flotation.

Dental X-ray

Mandibular molars and premolars on a cat.

Dental X-ray 2

Dental x-ray of the mandibular molars and premolars in a dog.